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  • The Voice A daughters vigil for her mother, and her lost childhood. F Sharp Masako is married to Freyas former boyfriend. The only other thing the two women have in common is the piano though their experiences are worlds apart.

  • Anglais Devotion

    Leyshon Nell

    YOU THINK YOU HAVE EVERYTHING. A HAPPY MARRIAGE. CHILDREN YOU LOVE. A JOB YOU ENJOY. A HOUSE YOU'VE MADE INTO A HOME. THEN, ALMOST IN THE BLINK OF AN EYE, YOU LOSE IT. ALL. When Rachel decides things arent working and asks Andrew to move out, she thinks she knows what shes doing; thinks she knows how it will be, how Andrew will react, how the children will cope. After all, relationships end all the time, and everyone survives dont they? But Rachel is wrong, and her decision has consequences no one could have foreseen. Rich in detail and atmosphere, and telling the story of a family breakup and a fathers breakdown, Nell Leyshons second novel is uncompromising in its reminder of how easily the life we thought we had can slip through our fingers. At the same time, however, it reminds us that if chaos lurks close to the surface, then so too sometimes does the possibility of repair and redemption.