• The package of Gromov's pseudo-holomorphic curves is a major tool in global symplectic geometry and its applications, including mirror symmetry and Hamiltonian dynamics. The Kuranishi structure was introduced by two of the authors of the present volume in the mid-1990s to apply this machinery on general symplectic manifolds without assuming any specific restrictions. It was further amplified by this book's authors in their monograph Lagrangian Intersection Floer Theory and in many other publications of theirs and others. Answering popular demand, the authors now present the current book, in which they provide a detailed, self-contained explanation of the theory of Kuranishi structures.
    Part I discusses the theory on a single space equipped with Kuranishi structure, called a K-space, and its relevant basic package. First, the definition of a K-space and maps to the standard manifold are provided. Definitions are given for fiber products, differential forms, partitions of unity, and the notion of CF-perturbations on the K-space. Then, using CF-perturbations, the authors define the integration on K-space and the push-forward of differential forms, and generalize Stokes' formula and Fubini's theorem in this framework. Also, "virtual fundamental class" is defined, and its cobordism invariance is proved.
    Part II discusses the (compatible) system of K-spaces and the process of going from "geometry" to "homological algebra". Thorough explanations of the extension of given perturbations on the boundary to the interior are presented. Also explained is the process of taking the "homotopy limit" needed to handle a system of infinitely many moduli spaces. Having in mind the future application of these chain level constructions beyond those already known, an axiomatic approach is taken by listing the properties of the system of the relevant moduli spaces and then a self-contained account of the construction of the associated algebraic structures is given. This axiomatic approach makes the exposition contained here independent of previously published construction of relevant structures. 

  • This monograph focuses on the mathematical and numerical analysis of simplicial partitions and the finite element method. This active area of research has become an essential part of physics and engineering, for example in the study of problems involving heat conduction, linear elasticity, semiconductors, Maxwell's equations, Einstein's equations and magnetic and gravitational fields.
    These problems require the simulation of various phenomena and physical fields over complicated structures in three (and higher) dimensions. Since not all structures can be decomposed into simpler objects like d-dimensional rectangular blocks, simplicial partitions are important. In this book an emphasis is placed on angle conditions guaranteeing the convergence of the finite element method for elliptic PDEs with given boundary conditions. 
    It is aimed at a general mathematical audience who is assumed to be familiar with only a few basic results from linear algebra, geometry, and mathematical and numerical analysis. 

  • Environmental chemistry is a fast developing science aimed at deciphering fundamental mechanisms ruling the behaviour of pollutants in ecosystems. Applying this knowledge to current environmental issues leads to the remediation of environmental media, and to new, low energy, low emission, sustainable processes. Chapters review analysis and remediation of pollutants such as greenhouse gases, chiral pharmaceuticals, dyes, chlorinated organics, arsenic, toxic metals and pathogen in air, water, plant and soil. Several highlights include the overlooked impact of air pollutants from buildings for health risk, innovative remediation techniques such as bioreactors for gas treatment, electrochemical cleaning of pharmaceuticals, sequestration on Fe-Mn nodules, phytoremediation and photocatalytical inactivation of microbial pathogens. This book will be a valuable source of information for engineers and students developing novel applied techniques to monitor and clean pollutants in air, wastewater, soils and sediments. 

  • The In-Discipline of Design

    Annie Gentes

    • Springer
    • 1 Décembre 2017

    Design is a conceptive activity which is usually presented as a sensible, sequential process and action. This book claims that design cannot be reduced to the rational, effective planning and organization that most models (such as design thinking) present.  The author suggests another type of rationality which is based on what the humanities call aesthetics, writing, composition, and style: a rationality based in imaginary elaboration and coherence. The chapters, therefore, demonstrate that design practice is about creating not only functional tools, but planes of reflections that challenge norms.  To support this claim, this book analyzes research programs, art works, and design projects that produced new information and communication technologies (ICT). This is detailed using examples in each chapter. From these examples, two types of conclusions are derived: a first level considers the lessons that we can draw from these examples in terms of design practice while the second level starts a theoretical discussion based on these analyses of use cases.  The goal is to develop an understanding of conception in its different forms. This book brings the use of these neglected methods to the foreground as a way to explicate the design process. Taking into consideration the humanities within design contributes to the discussion on pluridisciplinarity. The book posits that design as a historical and situated activity is a truly multidisciplinary endeavor that bridges the gap between engineering sciences and the humanities.

  • This book offers an advanced treatise of the mechanics of springs with focus on the springs for automotive industry. It demonstrates new and original results for the optimization of helical springs as well the design of disk springs and thin-walled springs and presents the new results for creep and relaxation of springs made of steel under high static loads. The fatigue of springs and weak link concept for cyclically loaded springs are enlightened. The closed form solutions of advanced problems allow the deeper understanding of spring mechanics and optimization of energy harvesters.

  • International Commercial Arbitration Nouv.

    This book is the first-ever to explore commercial arbitration in the Ethiopian context. Alternative conflict resolution mechanisms are nothing new to the country: arbitration as a dispute settlement mechanism by which a third party issues a binding decision on a dispute between two or more parties by exercising the jurisdictional mandate conferred on it by the parties themselves was established with the adoption of the Civil Code in 1960. This pioneering book evaluates the extent to which Ethiopia's laws and institutions allow disputing parties to effectively reap the benefits of international commercial arbitration. It interprets the relevant legislation and attempts to bridge the gaps in it, in order to help lawyers, arbitrators, arbitral institutions, academics and judges to understand and apply it. It also helps parties seeking to complete international transactions pertaining to Ethiopia make the right choice regarding conflict resolution.

  • Configuration Spaces


    This book collects the scientific contributions of a group of leading experts who took part in the INdAM Meeting held in Cortona in September 2014. With combinatorial techniques as the central theme, it focuses on recent developments in configuration spaces from various perspectives. It also discusses their applications in areas ranging from representation theory, toric geometry and geometric group theory to applied algebraic topology.

  • This book outlines, from a surgeon's standpoint, how physicians and mid-level providers working at wound care centres can expeditiously and effectively manage wounds. It comprehensively addresses the concept of wound healing, from the healing process to debridement concepts, and various antiseptics and local antibiotics used in dressing materials to facilitate healing. The book also discusses the latest inventions and treatment options that have revolutionized wound healing, such as: oxygen therapy, ozone therapy, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, electric therapy and ultrasonic wound therapy. In closing, it examines the latest regenerative therapies based on stem cell therapy, cellular therapy and gene therapy. Given its scope, the book offers a valuable resource for medical students and physicians dealing with wound management, as well as a reference guide for nurses in primary and tertiary wound care settings.

  • This proceedings volume focuses on the importance and power of spatial thinking and planning, especially by applying geospatial technologies in solving the past and current global problems such as environmental degradation, urban pollution, climate change, agricultural management and epidemiology.The proceedings of the International Conference on Geography and Geoinformatics for Sustainable Development 2018 (ICGGS 2018) consist of a wide range of case studies from developing countries. 
    The contributions address challenges of developing countries in mainstreaming sustainable development paradigm into their economy with the aim to improve and manage natural resources and environment in a sustainable manner. 
    One of the main goals of the conference and the proceedings is to share and exchange different perspectives on global, regional and local spatial issues and how the concept of spatial planning and thinking can be used in building resilience to natural and anthropogenic threats in many sectors (such as water, ecosystem, agriculture and health). This includes a summary of how the key concepts of geospatial technologies could contribute to environmental sustainability and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as well as an outlook on challenges and opportunities for sustainable development. This book explains how geoinformatics can help analyse, model and explain sustainable development within a geographic context and thus provide the integrative framework necessary for global collaboration consensus and evidence-based decision-making. It highlights the vital and integrative role of geospatial information in driving sustainable development and thus can be used as a tool to put the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development into practice. 
    This volume can be a useful resource for readers regarding research on geospatial issues on both the regional and local scale. Both undergraduate and graduate students around the globe can advance their academic and research knowledge of past and present environmental problems and learn how geospatial planning can be applied for sustainable development. It also appeals to researchers, academics, practitioners, community developers and policy makers interested in promoting sustainable development. 

  • This book discusses the applications of fracture mechanics in the design and maintenance of asphalt concrete overlays. It provides useful information to help readers understand the effects of different material and loading type parameters on the fracture properties of asphalt concretes. It also reviews relevant numerical and experimental studies, and describes in detail design parameters such as aggregate type, air void, loading mode, and additives, based on the authors experience and that of other researchers.

  • Quality Management and Accreditation in Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation and Cellular Therapy Nouv.

    This open access book provides a concise yet comprehensive overview on how to build a quality management program for hematopoietic stem cell transplantation (HSCT) and cellular therapy. The text reviews all the essential steps and elements necessary for establishing a quality management program and achieving accreditation in HSCT and cellular therapy. Specific areas of focus include document development and implementation, audits and validation, performance measurement, writing a quality management plan, the accreditation process, data management, and maintaining a quality management program. 
    Written by experts in the field, Quality Management and Accreditation in Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation and Cellular Therapy: A Practical Guide is a valuable resource for physicians, healthcare professionals, and laboratory staff involved in the creation and maintenance of a state-of-the-art HSCT and cellular therapy program. 

  • Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Industrial Engineering (ICIE 2020) Nouv.

    This book highlights recent findings in industrial, manufacturing and mechanical engineering, and provides an overview of the state of the art in these fields, mainly in Russia and Eastern Europe. A broad range of topics and issues in modern engineering are discussed, including the dynamics of machines and working processes, friction, wear and lubrication in machines, surface transport and technological machines, manufacturing engineering of industrial facilities, materials engineering, metallurgy, control systems and their industrial applications, industrial mechatronics, automation and robotics. The book gathers selected papers presented at the 6th International Conference on Industrial Engineering (ICIE), held in Sochi, Russia in May 2020. The authors are experts in various fields of engineering, and all papers have been carefully reviewed. Given its scope, the book will be of interest to a wide readership, including mechanical and production engineers, lecturers in engineering disciplines, and engineering graduates.

  • Transformation of Transportation Nouv.

    This book features original scientific manuscripts submitted for publication at the International Conference - The Science and Development of Transport (ZIRP 2020), organized by University of Zagreb, Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences, Zagreb, and held in Sibenik, Croatia, from 29th to 30th September 2020. The conference brought together scientists and practitioners to share innovative solutions available to everyone. 
    Presenting the latest scientific research, case studies and best practices in the fields of transport and logistics, the book covers topics such as sustainable urban mobility and logistics, safety and policy, data science, process automation, and inventory forecasting, improving competitiveness in the transport and logistics services market and increasing customer satisfaction. The book is of interest to experienced researchers and professionals as well as Ph.D. students in the fields of transport and logistics.

  • Quantum Super?eld Supersymmetry Nouv.

    This book presents the super?eld description of various supersymmetric ?eld theory models in three- and four-dimensional space-times. A mapping between super?eld and component formulations of supersymmetric ?eld theories is discussed. The author also describes the methodology for calculating quantum corrections in these theories employing supergraph formalism and functional methods, and illustrates these approaches with many detailed examples of how such calculations are performed for various super?eld models. 

  • Arithmetic and Algebraic Circuits Nouv.

    This book presents a complete and accurate study of arithmetic and algebraic circuits. The first part offers a review of all important basic concepts: it describes simple circuits for the implementation of some basic arithmetic operations; it introduces theoretical basis for residue number systems; and describes some fundamental circuits for implementing the main modular operations that will be used in the text. Moreover, the book discusses floating-point representation of real numbers and the IEEE 754 standard.  The second and core part of the book offers a deep study of arithmetic circuits and specific algorithms for their implementation. It covers the CORDIC algorithm, and optimized arithmetic circuits recently developed by the authors for adders and subtractors, as well as multipliers, dividers and special functions. It describes the implementation of basic algebraic circuits, such as LFSRs and cellular automata. Finally, it offers a complete study of Galois fields, showing some exemplary applications and discussing the advantages in comparison to other methods. This dense, self-contained text provides students, researchers and engineers, with extensive knowledge on and a deep understanding of arithmetic and algebraic circuits and their implementation.

  • Financial Data Resampling for Machine Learning Based Trading Nouv.

    This book presents a system that combines the expertise of four algorithms, namely Gradient Tree Boosting, Logistic Regression, Random Forest and Support Vector Classifier to trade with several cryptocurrencies. A new method for resampling financial data is presented as alternative to the classical time sampled data commonly used in financial market trading. The new resampling method uses a closing value threshold to resample the data creating a signal better suited for financial trading, thus achieving higher returns without increased risk. The performance of the algorithm with the new resampling method and the classical time sampled data are compared and the advantages of using the system developed in this work are highlighted.

  • Political Economy of Malaysia's Industrial Policy Nouv.

    This book examines the national automotive policy in Malaysia to help readers gain an understanding of the country's industrial policy-making processes. Addressing a gap in analysis of the political economy of the national automotive policy, the research presented combines the new institutional theory and the developmental state approach to provide new insights into elite policymakers' measures to shield domestic automotive enterprises from pro-market reforms. The formation of the national car project marks a turning point for Malaysia's industrial development as a country, which it envisions will lead to it becoming a major player in the global automotive market. However, the domestic institutional factors embedded in ethno-economic interests and patronage constrain national car-makers, limiting their potential to grow, and instead causing a slowdown in the industry.
    Allowing readers to understand the background to Malaysia's heavy industrialisation programme and the birth of its national car projects, this book critically discusses the significance of institutional context in policy outcomes, and highlights how institutions and policies have impact growth or decline. It is a valuable resource relevant to analysts, researchers and students who are interested in the political economy of the national industrial policy and automotive industry in Malaysia and beyond.

  • CSR and Codes of Business Ethics in the USA, Austria (EU) and China and their Enforcement in International Supply Chain Arbitrations Nouv.

    This book analyzes the implementation of CSR reporting and codes of business conduct and ethics in the legal systems of the USA, Austria and China and their enforcement in international supply chain arbitrations. The book demonstrates that long-term profit maximization is increasingly intertwined with corporate ethics and CSR policies. In order to prevent window-dressing and greenwashing, certain control mechanisms and legal standards are required along the entire supply chain.
    This book introduces an ethics and CSR system recommending a reward-based whistleblowing mechanism, internal oversight by a CSR and Ethics Committee comprised of independent board members and at least one sustainability expert, and an external, independent and comprehensive assurance of CSR reports provided by auditing firms or newly formed governmental agencies consisting of certified CSR experts.
    The author emphasizes the significance for supply chain leaders to ensure contractual enforcement of their codes of business ethics and conduct along the supply chain. Against this background, the author created a comprehensive fictitious case scenario covering a supply chain dispute arising from the breach of the supply chain leader's code of business conduct and ethics by a lower-tier supply chain member. The author acknowledges the fact that in most of the cases the governing law of international supply chain contracts is English law or law based on English law. Thus, the author discusses potential contractual claims for damages arising from a loss of profits caused by a loss of reputation resulting from violations of core provisions of the chain leader's supplier code of conduct pursuant to English law.  
    As international supply chain disputes usually involve more than two parties, and international arbitration is the ideal means for the resolution of these disputes, the book compares the arbitration rules for consolidations and joinders of some of the most significant international arbitration institutions: SIAC, ICC, AIAC, ICDR, VIAC, CIETAC and HKIAC.
    The book is directed at legal practitioners, legislators of various jurisdictions, board members of corporations, ethics and compliance officers, academics, researchers and students. It is the author's main goal that the book serves as an inspirational source for the establishment or the improvement of a corporate ethics and CSR system preventing window-dressing and greenwashing and covering the entire supply chain. Furthermore, it is intended that students develop a deeper understanding for the enforcement of corporate ethics and CSR policies.

  • Sustainable Waste Utilization in Bricks, Concrete, and Cementitious Materials Nouv.

    This book highlights the current research, conceptual and practical utilization of waste in building materials. It examines the production of industrial and agricultural wastes that have been generated worldwide and have significant environmental impact. The book discusses how to incorporate these wastes effectively with greener technology and how to address its environmental impact in order to produce environmentally friendly and sustainable green products. This book also will capitalize on its practical application, properties, performance and economic advantages. The topics covered include the physical, mechanical and environmental properties, leaching behaviour, gas emissions and performance of sustainable construction materials. This book offers a valuable reference for researchers, industries and interested stakeholders in sustainable construction or any allied fields.

  • Riemannian Optimization and Its Applications Nouv.

    This brief describes the basics of Riemannian optimization-optimization on Riemannian manifolds-introduces algorithms for Riemannian optimization problems, discusses the theoretical properties of these algorithms, and suggests possible applications of Riemannian optimization to problems in other fields.To provide the reader with a smooth introduction to Riemannian optimization, brief reviews of mathematical optimization in Euclidean spaces and Riemannian geometry are included. Riemannian optimization is then introduced by merging these concepts. In particular, the Euclidean and Riemannian conjugate gradient methods are discussed in detail. A brief review of recent developments in Riemannian optimization is also provided.
    Riemannian optimization methods are applicable to many problems in various fields. This brief discusses some important applications including the eigenvalue and singular value decompositions in numerical linear algebra, optimal model reduction in control engineering, and canonical correlation analysis in statistics.

  • Self-Compassion - Emotionales Coping bei chronischen Erkrankungen Nouv.

    Im Fokus dieser Arbeit steht der Zusammenhang zwischen der Ausprägung der Self-Compassion (SC), der Zufriedenheit mit der eigenen krperlichen Gesundheit und dem subjektiven Wohlbefinden bei chronischen Erkrankungen. SC wird als Sensibilität für das eigene erlebte Leiden mit dem angeborenen Strebenaufgefasst, es zu lindern. Das subjektive Wohlbefinden hängt von der Ausprägung des SC ab und begünstigt die Bewältigung von Stress als Anpassungsnotwendigkeit für die Regulation von Emotionen. In diesem Zusammenhang kann SC als Resilienzfaktor gesehen werden. Psychotherapeutisch relevant erscheint die Verbesserung der Einstellung zu sich selbst und damit die Aktivierung des Selbstmitgefühls.

  • Das Notwendige möglich machen Nouv.

    Das Buch stellt die Geschichte der Erforschung erneuerbarer Energien in Deutschland vor dem Hintergrund einer intensiven Wechselwirkung gesellschaftlicher Entwicklungen, Wissenschaft und Politik dar. Ausgehend von Forschungsaktivitäten an Universitäten wird ein Entwicklungsprozess von 1970 bis 2015 nachgezeichnet, der zu einer weltweit anerkannten Spitzenforschung auf dem Gebiet der erneuerbaren Energien geführt hat. Kernstück der historischen und wissenschaftlichen Untersuchung sind Interviews mit Solarenergieforschern, Ministerialbeamten und Forschungspolitikern.Mit einem Geleitwort von Dr. Gerd Eisenbeiß (Programmdirektor für Energie- und Verkehrsforschung des DLR 1990-2001 und bis 2006 Vorstand für Energie und Materialforschung am Forschungszentrum Jülich)

  • Concert Halls by Nagata Acoustics Nouv.

    This visually stunning and data rich text catalogs the design of 32 concert halls by world-renowned acoustician Yasuhisa Toyota and his team at Nagata Acoustics, the firm behind the celebrated Walt Disney Concert Hall, the Hamburg Elbphilharmonie, and numerous others. Alongside architectural drawings and photographs, commentary on the design process and challenges of each hall provides insight for the dedicated listener to appreciate a wide range of internationally beloved concert venues. Summarized acoustical and architectural data for each of the halls will provide valuable reference information to architects and acousticians alike.  Following the project anthology is an overview of the history, development, and acoustical features of vineyard- and surround-style concert halls. A broader discussion of design philosophy reveals the methods by which Toyota has guided architects to create world renowned halls. These technical and general discussions give architects the foundation to design for the performing arts, and provide audiences a new insight and perspective to consider the next time they attend a concert.

  • Financial Strategies for Distressed Companies Nouv.

    The financial markets have undergone a significant development process, both qualitatively and quantitatively, and partly induced by major pushes for globalization and deregulation. In this context, finance has taken on an increasingly central role for companies and is now on par with production and sales, which have always been the cornerstones of business management. The effects of these structural and functional changes are not limited to the way companies operate, but also imply a change in corporate cultures; one consequence of this phenomenon is the large percentage of managers from the world of finance at the top tiers of corporate organizations. Moreover, environmental turbulence has forced companies to increasingly face negative situations characterized by economic and financial imbalances that may require far-reaching strategic changes.  The purpose of this book, therefore, is to investigate the possible financial strategies that companies in distress can adopt; in this regard, it approaches financial strategies as opportunities to resolve and prevent difficult situations for the company. After having systematized the financial strategies and policies used in the governance of companies, the book analyzes both crises and turnaround processes, describing the path until the financial balance is restored. Finally, the authors analyze essential tools for the financial management of companies in trouble, focusing in particular on operational tools for managing the crisis, the recovery plan, and its monitoring.