Littérature générale

  • La galaxie cannibale Nouv.

    « Il découvrit qu'il n'était pas un découvreur - à la fois trop misérable et trop rusé pour les étoiles. »

    Enfant, Joseph Brill s'était cru promis aux plus hauts mérites. Il se voyait enseigner aux générations futures les lumières de l'Esprit moderne autant que la tradition juive. Mais le temps passant, il a renoncé à ses grandes ambitions.

    Jusqu'au jour où Beulah Lilt et sa mère franchissent la porte de sa modeste école du Middle West. Le coeur tremblant comme à l'approche d'une révélation, Joseph se penche sur le mystère de sa vie : sa jeunesse dans le Marais, la rue des Rosiers, l'Occupation ; l'exil en Amérique puis les espoirs déçus. Et ce visage de femme qui le trouble, réveillant en lui des énigmes dont il cherche en vain la clé.

  • In her new collection of essays, Cynthia Ozick, everywhere acclaimed as a critic, novelist, and storyteller, examines some of the world's most illustrious writers and their work, tackles compelling contemporary literary and moral issues, and looks into the wellsprings of her own lifelong engagement with literature.
    She writesquarrelsomelyabout Crime and Punishment, about William Styron's Sophie's Choice, about the Book of Job. She inquires into the subterranean dispositions and quandaries of Kafka and Henry James. She discusses the difficulties inherent in the translation of great books, whether into film or into another language.
    She explores what she calls "the selfishness of art" and courts controversy with her views on The Diary of Anne Frank and its transformation for the stage. Her reflections on the "rights of history" and the "rights of imagination" tap a profound concern for truth in regard to the Holocaust. She considers the shifting splendors of New York City, past and present. And she revisits her youth more deeply and with more feelingand comedythan ever before, in essays that reveal some of the formative experiences of her life as a writer.
    Quarrel & Quandary is a literary event and a cause for celebration.
    From the Hardcover edition.

  • Anglais Foreign Bodies

    Ozick Cynthia

    The collapse of her brief marriage has stalled Bea Nightingale's life, leaving her middle-aged and alone, teaching in an impoverished borough of 1950s New York. A plea from her estranged brother gives Bea the excuse to escape lassitude by leaving for Paris to retrieve a nephew she barely knows; but the siren call of Europe threatens to deafen Bea to the dangers of entangling herself in the lives of her brother's family.By one of America's great living writers, Foreign Bodies is a truly virtuosic novel. The story of Bea's travails on the continent is a fierce and heartbreaking insight into the curious nature of love: how it can be commanded and abused; earned and cherished; or even lost altogether.

  • Lars Andeming, perhaps overly intellectual and certainly eccentric, is the Monday book reviewer for a Stockholm daily. He is also the self-proclaimed son of Bruno Schulz, a Polish writer who was executed by the Nazis before his last novel, The Messiah, could be published. When a manuscript of The Messiah mysteriously appears in Stockholm, in the possession of Schulz's 'daughter', Lars's circumscribed world of paper, apartment, and favorite bookstore turns upside down, catapulting him into a whirlwind of dream, magic, and illusion.